This is the gourmet hot sauce you've searched for all along.

Scoville Warming

Scoville Warming Texas Hot Sauce

About Us

It Began in a Backyard Garden

Bob and Sue are Midwest natives who met in Florida and married in Texas (a long, happy love story!) In 2005, Sue planted habanero peppers next to the zinnias. When they ripened, she picked one for Bob to try. After quenching the burn, he said, "we should make hot sauce with these!" And so it began. 

Texas-Based Family Business

While production moved from our Houston kitchen to a commercial kitchen in 2018, we retain 100% control of Scoville Warming products through parent company Burnell Brands. We are proud members of the Texas Department of Agriculture's Go Texan Program. 

Giving Back

Along with heat, you gotta have heart. We donate a percentage of the profits from our business to causes related to education, health and animal welfare, including Cy-Hope, the CyFair Educational Foundation, the American Heart Association, the Alzheimer's Association and RPM Pet Rescue.