This is the gourmet hot sauce you've searched for all along.

Scoville Warming

Scoville Warming Texas Hot Sauce

Gourmet Hot Sauce - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Scoville Warming Texas Hot Sauce? 

1. Order online here.

2. Houston establishments now carrying Scoville Warming include Hebert's Specialty Meats West Houston Store; Cypress ACE Hardware; Langham Creek ACE Hardware in Cypress; Pure Life Family Wellness; and John Henry’s Store on I-45.

3. Check our Facebook and Instagram posts to learn where we’ll pop up next. 

4. Find Sue at a random networking event and ask if she has any in her purse.

5. Watch for Bob and he might let you have the bottle he’s carrying in his hot sauce holster. (In Texas, we open carry our hot sauce!)

Can I buy it by the case?

Yes. That would truly warm our hearts. Yours too. Order "The Dozen" and get a case of 12 five-ounce bottles. Or choose "The Trio," a 3-pack of five-ounce bottles. Three bottles is our minimum order, because shipping charges for a single bottle would make you frown. And we couldn't have that, now could we?

Do you only have the one flavor?

So far, yes, but there's always some experimentation going in our kitchen. So if you want more heat, pour it on. If you want it milder, use less or dilute it. Or if you can't stand the heat, give your bottle to someone who can. Because everybody knows somebody who likes hot sauce.

Is it organic?

C’mon. Serving size is one flippin’ teaspoon. We use fresh ingredients, and our products are lab tested for pH and nutrient values. No sugar, no salt, no gluten, no preservatives. Keto-friendly. We decided not to hunt for 100% organic sources. We'd still be hunting and you'd be hot-sauce deprived. 

How many calories per serving?

You can count ‘em on one hand. Five. Now go wash your hand, or you’ll get hot sauce all over your screen.

What's the shelf life?

Per product testing lab, 2 years. We've kept some much longer, opened and unopened. But as Bob says, if it takes you that long to use it, you're not using it right!

Do you have recipes? 

Do we have recipes? Darlin’, we have a whole file of recipes. We're posting them as fast as we can, and we’re gathering more from foodie fans every day.

What is a Scoville?

The Scoville scale was created by American pharmacist Wilbur Scoville in 1912. A Scoville unit  measures the pungency of a chile pepper.  Who is Wilbur?

Why do I see ‘chile’ spelled so many different ways?
Per the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University, "the spelling of the word  ‘chile’ has a long and varied history. Chile comes from the term chilli  that comes from the Aztec Nahuatl language." The Spanish spelling was later changed to chile by Spanish-speaking  Mexicans and chili in the United States. The Chili Pepper Institute uses the term chile to refer to the plant or fruit from the plant, while the  term chili refers to a culinary dish consisting of a meat, beans, tomatoes and chile powder.